Poems Here & There

“Working Assumptions,” “Drive Thur,” & “It’s the Day Before Our Birthday” in BrokenLens Journal

“Heme,” Add Salt,” “Baby Chicks,” & “Occasions on Water” in East Jasmine Review

“The Throat No Longer Works” & “Water Heater” in $

“Blackberries” in Jarfly Magazine

“Never Alone” & “Swapping Karma” in The Shore

“Please Don’t Let Go” in Alchemy Lit Mag

“Clear Cutting” in Anti-Heroin Chic

“We’re Tape” in Juked

“Balancing,” “Another Heatwave,” “Stake Out,” & “In the Glitter Pattern” in Litbreak Magazine

“Episodes” in Thrush Poetry Journal

“Pampas Grass in the Backyard,” now up at K’in Literary Journal

“Local Cargo,” some rambling prose for BikeSD

Second Date” on Yes, Poetry.

“Fireworks at Sea World” over at Vinyl

“To Ghosts” in Silver Streams

“My Wife Says We Have Too Many Books” in Coachella Review

“Traffic in Indie Circles” in AMP Magazine

“Barking Spiders,” “Feast,” and “Tow Truck’s Hooking the Neighbor’s Van” in Across the Margin

“Look into the Swell” in Thrush Poetry Journal

“Other Couples,” “Vitamin D,” “The Fold in Storyscape Literary Journal

“Lightning in the Desert” in Barnstorm

“Stanzas from Home” in TYPO Mag

An Interview from Crossroads: A Literary Journal of Ebb & Flow, republished by Poetry International

5 poems in The Squawk Back

“Old School Values: A Conversation with Writer and Publisher Adam Deutsch” in Delphi Quarterly

“Siren’s Grind” on Jupiter 88

“Kilned” in Hawai’i Pacific Review

“In Ithaca Once” in Arsenic Lobster

“Great Aunt, Winter and Sun” in Mojave River Review.

“Packing Heat” & “Tidal Waves” in Thrush Poetry Journal

“The ’72 MGB Meditates, Warming Up” in Coconut

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Adam Deutsch is the author of a full-length collection, Every Transmission, forthcoming from Fernwood Press in 2023. He teaches in the English Department at Grossmont College and is the publisher of Cooper Dillon Books. He lives with his spouse and child in San Diego, CA.