Enjoy images and sounds that end up here.

This is a reading from the chap/zine Tiny Calamity at the 2018 Popular Culture Association Conference.

Poem List & Times:
Intro: 0:00
“Water Always Wins”: 0:50
“Gestate”: 1:35
“Alarm”: 3:13
Thoughts on design: 4:20
“Canticle Know By Heart”: 5:30
“The Siren’s Grind”: 7:05
“Other Couples”: 8:27
“Acts”: 10:02
“Wet-Sawing”: 11:39
Thanking our curator, Katie Manning: 13:00
“Public Radio”: 13:25

There was a reading from Berl’s Poetry Shop, from 4/19/18. The reading opens with Steven Alvarez, I’m in at about 11:50, then Lauren Hilger, Janet Kaplan, and Joanna C. Valente. I’ll put that video back when it’s around again.

This is a reading from 4/14/18, where I’m reading from a few of the zine