Carry On

For a number of years, a chapbook called Carry On was available for download, but the press that published that has recently closed up shop.┬áIt’s a stand-alone project, with poems that are not a part of other larger manuscripts (except for one poem).

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If poems are meant to share experience, and create shared events, reading’s a unification that can be similar to loss: an experience for everyone. This is a chapbook of twenty-five poems on loss, gathering of what isn’t gone, and what’s changed. “We are never alone in any event,” is a reminder in the title poem, that the death of an entity–individual, an era, status, art, mechanism, monument, or rite–is also an opening.

This is the 2nd edition of this chapbook, revisited and recreated in the aftermath of the abrupt shutting of a small press. In “Returning,” Deutsch writes, “I’ve wasted the last four years…Bees escape plants without flowers.”