First Book Forthcoming!

I’m overjoyed to let you know that Every Transmission, my first full-length collection of poems, is coming in early 2023 from Fernwood Press!

A link for pre-orders will be posted as soon as it’s available. If you’re interested in writing a review of it, or if you’d like to discuss a reading, get in touch!

Poems Here & There

“Working Assumptions,” “Drive Thur,” & “It’s the Day Before Our Birthday” in BrokenLens Journal

“Heme,” Add Salt,” “Baby Chicks,” & “Occasions on Water” in East Jasmine Review

“The Throat No Longer Works” & “Water Heater” in $

“Blackberries” in Jarfly Magazine

“Never Alone” & “Swapping Karma” in The Shore

“Please Don’t Let Go” in Alchemy Lit Mag

“Clear Cutting” in Anti-Heroin Chic

“We’re Tape” in Juked

“Balancing,” “Another Heatwave,” “Stake Out,” & “In the Glitter Pattern” in Litbreak Magazine

“Episodes” in Thrush Poetry Journal

“Pampas Grass in the Backyard,” now up at K’in Literary Journal

“Local Cargo,” some rambling prose for BikeSD

Second Date” on Yes, Poetry.

“Fireworks at Sea World” over at Vinyl

“To Ghosts” in Silver Streams

“My Wife Says We Have Too Many Books” in Coachella Review

“Traffic in Indie Circles” in AMP Magazine

“Barking Spiders,” “Feast,” and “Tow Truck’s Hooking the Neighbor’s Van” in Across the Margin

“Look into the Swell” in Thrush Poetry Journal

“Other Couples,” “Vitamin D,” “The Fold in Storyscape Literary Journal

“Lightning in the Desert” in Barnstorm

“Stanzas from Home” in TYPO Mag

An Interview from Crossroads: A Literary Journal of Ebb & Flow, republished by Poetry International

5 poems in The Squawk Back

“Old School Values: A Conversation with Writer and Publisher Adam Deutsch” in Delphi Quarterly

“Siren’s Grind” on Jupiter 88

“Kilned” in Hawai’i Pacific Review

“In Ithaca Once” in Arsenic Lobster

“Great Aunt, Winter and Sun” in Mojave River Review.

“Packing Heat” & “Tidal Waves” in Thrush Poetry Journal

“The ’72 MGB Meditates, Warming Up” in Coconut

Writers for Migrant Justice

On September 4th, 2019, in cities all over the country, there are readings to support Immigrant Families Together. I’m reading in San Diego with Jenny Minniti-Shippey, Karla Cordera, Manuel Paul López, Sandra Doller, Ben Doller, Tamaria del Rio, Felicia Williams, Chad Sweeney, Diana Garcia, Marco Wilkinson, Amanda Fuller, Kazim Ali, Sandra Alcosser, Julia Dixon Evans, Lizz Huerta, and many many more! We’re at Verbatim Books at 7pm.

To donate to this event, visit this link:


The 2018 San Diego Zinefest just happened, and lots of love to everyone who came out with their creative wears, and to those who picked up poems at my table. For all the details, scour their site:

In the picture are artifacts from Jillian Sandell,,,, the SDSU Zine Club,,,,, and a few others who are a bit more elusive. You might find their stuff at Verbatim Books in San Diego, but check out their work if you’re into the zine-arts!

Carry On in Print

If you’ve been a fan of digital chapbooks that were housed for free on press websites, but then found those presses to have disappeared, you know just how delicate some areas of our poetry ecosystem are, and what they simply cannot handle. I used to have a chap that went away, but now it’s back again.

I hope you enjoy Carry On, a collection of elegies. You can find it, along with other zine projects in the Chap/Zine part of this site. Carry On is also available wherever you like to pick up books of poems.

“Hammer” in pacificREVIEW!

There’s a new issue of pacificREVIEW out of SDSU, and I have a poem in there called “Hammer,” side by side with work by Jim Ruland, Kazim Ali, Hanna Tawater, and Michelle Bonczek Evory. It’s also on the amazon.

The editor of this Errant Mythologies issue was Hari Alluri, a poet I missing having in the San Diego community.

Double Kiss Poem

I know you love stories, poems, and essays, but how do you feel about a game of 8-ball? How about literature racked up and ready to break?

Sean Thomas Dougherty has curated a new collection called Double Kiss: Stories, Poems, & Essays on the Art of Billiards, and included a poem of mine there in. You can find more details over at Mammoth Books,  and if you want to find the poem, you’ll have to go through the joyous task of digging through the wonderland of the old No Tell Motel archive…wherein there is much magic….

“Please Don’t Center Poems” returns…

The latest issue of Poetry International is out, with some of the finest writing I’ve read all year. Among much talent is a little poem I wrote last year called “Please Don’t Center Poems.” If you want to subscribe, and get that issue of damn near 600 pages, it’s out!

This poem will come around again, in a tiny tiny chapbook soon, and message me if you’d like one!

Quick Poem for Students…

I cranked out this little sonnet for my students, and thought this would be a good place to share it. If you teach, and would like to use it, go for it! Just please let me know.

Please Don’t Center Poems

Please don’t center your poems. Margin left,
which is natural and easy on eyes.
The lines want to sit over here, chickens
on a perch, together and warm, left left.

Please don’t center your poems, since they are
not greeting cards, nor lyrics. They are not
the lines in the road, sides spaced for cars
to pass through, avoiding the swept clean curbs.

Please don’t center your poems, but feel free
.                       to play with the spacing a little bit.
.                                     No one will die if a line wanders out
.                                       with purpose: poetry as detective
.                                                  seeking answers in wide open danger
who makes it home, safely, or                                                                                            moves way out.



Note: the periods at the beginning of the lines in the last stanza are only to get the spacing to show up on here on WordPress.

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2 Poems in Ping Pong

Look for two poems in the latest Ping Pong. This issue also features a folio of poems from Central America: lots of work I’m excited to read!

Details for ordering and subscribing at here.