These Young Machines

This was created for the 2017 San Diego Zinefest, a wonderful community event.

Some of these poems appeared, in one version or another, in the following journals:
“Lightning in the Desert” — Barnstorm Literary Review
“Bird Rock Avenue,” — Carbon Culture Review
“Pulling In” — Crannóg Magazine
“Alternate Side Street Cleaning” — H_NGM_N
“Leave No Trace” — Moonsick Magazine
“A Cleaning” — Ping-Pong
“Shaving is Too Easy” — Luna Luna Magazine
“Vitamin D,” “The Fold” — Storyscape Journal

If you’d like one, they’re at Verbatim Books on 30th & North Park Way in San Diego, CA, or contact me (adamsdeutsch [at] gmail [dot] com), or Venmo $5 to @poempoempoem, along with a post address, and it’ll arrive with a note of gratitude.